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Pay your annual renewal fee and stay enrolled

You must pay the annual renewal fee for Professional Competence in order to stay enrolled on your Professional Competence Scheme.

As you know, all doctors registered on the Specialist, General or Supervised Division of the Medical Council Register are required by law to enrol in a Professional Competence Scheme and record sufficient CPD and Audit/Quality Improvement claims to meet their scheme requirements.

While the requirements for recording Professional Competence activities have been adjusted due to the COVID Pandemic, doctors will still be asked to make a declaration about their maintenance of professional competence during the 2022 annual retention process.

The Medical Council has asked us to let you know about the following changes to Question 1 in the Annual Retention Application Form (ARAF) which is used to renew your Medical Council registration.

  • Professional Competence Scheme enrolment and CPD activity compliance components have been re-introduced. Doctors should respond openly and appropriately as to whether they have met the annual minimum CPD requirements for the Scheme Year 2021-2022
  • Trainee Specialist Division doctors should respond to Question 1 on the ARAF as follows: "‘I am on the Trainee Specialist Division of the Medical Council register

How to renew your enrolment

  • You can pay online through your RCPI Digital Hub 
  • You can set up a direct debit to pay your annual fee once a year from now on - click here to submit a Direct Debit Mandate
  • Pay over the phone with your Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card. Call the RCPI Finance Department on 01 863 9751 and have your  RCPI ID number and credit card details to hand
  • We can invoice your employer. Submit a request to  Be sure to quote your RCPI ID in the message 

3D security on credit card payments in Europe:

It is now a requirement that City and Postcode are contained in an address.  When making your renewal, be sure to take the opportunity to review your address to make sure the necessary details are provided before you proceed to the payment.

Find your Eircode

Online Payments: You may have to enter a passcode, which would be sent to your mobile phone or landline or authenticate your payment in another way, depending on how your credit/debit card issuing bank has implemented security measures

Receipts: When you make an online payment, you will be sent an automated receipt.  If you cannot see your receipt in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder

ePortfolio: We will update your ePortfolio for Professional Competence status on the next working day after your payment has been confirmed

Professional Competence

Tel: +353 1 863 9739

  We have a highly experienced Professional Competence support team. They are always happy to answer your questions and advise you on how to maintain Professional Competence.  As the team are presently working at home, the fastest way to contact this department is by logging in to our support desk here

  • If you need help with your ePortfolio, we can arrange a convenient time to work with you to ensure your records are up to date.
  • If you need advice on how to apply for CPD approval for your event submit your event title and proposed date and we will talk you through what you need to do.
  • Contact the Professional Competence Team at .  If you would like a callback, please let us know the best time and phone number to call you. .
  • Alternatively, you might like to visit Professional Competence FAQs