MRCPI in Paediatrics

An internationally recognised qualification in Paediatrics

Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCPI) is an internationally recognised benchmark of excellence, valued by healthcare employers worldwide.

Membership is achieved through examination. MRCPI is accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland as the foremost knowledge-based assessment for Paediatrics in Ireland. It is an essential entry requirement for Higher Specialist Training in Paediatrics.

If you've chosen Paediatrics as a career path you need expert knowledge of a wide range of medical conditions affecting infants, children, and adolescents, from birth to age 18. The qualification of MRCPI in Paediatrics shows potential employers that you have advanced knowledge of Paediatrics - you can effectively take a detailed history from a parent or child, perform clinical examinations and formulate investigation and management plans.

The MRCPI in Paediatrics qualification is recognised by the General Medical Council in the UK. This means that international medical graduates can apply for full registration with a licence to practice in the UK if they hold MRCPI in Paediatrics.

If you are undertaking RCPI’s Basic Specialist Training in Ireland, (i.e. you are formally on a BST training programme), achieving MRCPI, and meeting all other entry criteria, means that you are eligible to apply for Higher Specialist Training, the final stage of training before independent practice.

MRCPI in Paediatrics at a glance

There are three 'Parts' to the MRCPI in Paediatrics exam:

  • MRCPI Part I
  • MRCPI Part II Written
  • MRCPI Part II Clinical

Each Part is taken separately and must be passed before you can progress to the next stage.