Basic Specialist Training in Histopathology



Completion of BST in Histopathology is the first step towards becoming a Histopathologist in Ireland.

It is an essential entry requirement for Higher Specialist Training in Histopathology.


Basic Specialist Training (BST) in Histopathology is a two-year programme completed in Senior House Officer (SHO) posts.

You will be placed on a two-year rotation so you will know in advance what posts you will be working in.

Your rotation will incorporate 24 months in pure Histopathology.

Information about what to include in your application can be found on our About Basic Specialist Training page.



There are four training hubs in BST in Histopathology. The two year programme will involve one year each in different hubs, usually a combination of North/South Dublin and/or Munster/Galway. A combination of North Dublin and South Dublin may also be a possibility. You will rank your preferences in order during the application process. Combinations available may vary depending on availability and number of applicants.


  • Munster (Cork University Hospital, University Hospital Waterford)
  • Galway (Galway University Hospital)
  • North Dublin (Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, Connolly Hospital)
  • South Dublin (St. Vincent’s University Hospital, St. James’ Hospital, Tallaght University Hospital)

What you need to do in addition to hospital-based training

In addition to supervised training in the hospital, you are required to attend a number of mandatory courses, listed below, that will help you to develop professionally and acquire the non-clinical skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent patient care.

In your second year of BST, you will be required to attend an aptitude assessment. The purpose of this second assessment is to make sure you have an aptitude for Histopathology before you have committed too much time to training.

You are not required to pass any exams during BST in Histopathology.

Course and masterclasses.
facts about BST in histopathology
Duration Two years
Job title/grade of doctor Senior House Officer (SHO)
Sample rotation breakdown Trainees spend 24 months in Histopathology
Average intake each year 7 - 12
Exams to pass None
Mandatory educational courses to be completed as part of BST • BST Leadership in Clinical Practice
• Ethics
• Infection control
• Introduction to laboratory management
Training body Faculty of Pathology

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