Archive Collections

Our archive collection contains thousands of unique documents and images relating to the provision of medical care and education in Ireland. The core of the archive is the records of the College, dating back to its foundation in 1654. We also hold records created by other individuals and organisations donated to us for safekeeping.

What’s in our archive?

Our archives provide a unique insight into the development of the medical profession, medical education and patient care in Ireland over the last 350 years. Documents range from the administrative to the personal, from minute books to love poems.

RCPI's Archive

The corporate archive of the College covers its history from the foundation in 1654 by Dr John Stearne to the present day. The collection includes papers relating to:

  • the administrative and financial management of the College
  • our Licentiates, Members and Fellows
  • the College’s role in medical education and oversight of the apothecaries’ trade
  • the College’s view of legislation relating to public health, healthcare provision and training
  • the College’s home at 6 Kildare Street
  • the administration of Sir Patrick Dun’s estates in County Waterford

Deposited Collections

Over time individuals and organisations have donated their papers to RCPI for safekeeping, these include;

  • diaries, letters, notebooks and casebooks of medical practitioners and students
  • records of hospitals, medical and public health organisation and social clubs
  • research papers of medical historians
  • illustrations of diseases and anatomy
  • images of doctors and hospital staff
  • medical education and teaching material
  • ephemera relating to public health and the medical profession
  • oral history interviews


Offers of donations to the archive are always appreciated, it you have any material you think might be of interest please contact us at or on +353 (0) 1 669 8817.  You can find out more about the process and our collecting priorities on the donations page.

Collection lists

Records of all catalogued archival material are available in our online catalogue; you can also download the collections lists of our main deposited collections using the links below.

Adelaide Hospital Casebooks and Medical Board Finances

Small collection of records of the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin, including financial records of the Medical Board and casebooks created by physicians and surgeons in the hospital.

Anatomical Teaching Charts

Collection of early-mid twentieth century anatomical teaching chart, probably used in the Adelaide School of Nursing.

Apothecaries' Hall of Dublin Archive

Papers of the Apothecaries' Hall of Dublin and the Guild of Apothecaries of St. Luke. Collection contains minute books and papers relating to the examinations held by the Hall for apothecaries and medical practitioners, as well as a small collection of financial and administrative papers. The collection also contains papers of the Apothecaries Benevolent Fund for Ireland.

British Medical Association, Dublin Branch Archive

Papers of the Dublin Branch of the British Medical Association from its foundation in 1877. The collection includes administrative, financial and membership papers, also material relating to the 1933 visit of the British Medical Association to Dublin and the 1952 Doctors’ hobbies exhibition.

Colebrook Wright Papers

Papers of Leonard Colebrook (1883-1967) and Sir Almroth Wright (1861-1947), including Wright's writing on women, correspondence, and papers relating to the biographies of both men.

Conolly Norman Lecture Notes

Typescript accounts of three series of lectures delivered by Conolly Norman to students at the Richmond Asylum on mental disorders and the treatment of the mentally ill.

Cork Street Fever Hospital and Cherry Orchard Hospital Archive

The papers of Cork Street Fever Hospital and Cherry Orchard Hospital covering the period 1801 to 2005. The collection includes administrative papers, some patient records, architectural plans, the papers of some of the hospitals' medical superintendents and ephemera relating to the history of the hospitals.

Cow-Pock Institution Archive

A small collection of the papers of the Cow-Pock Institution, established to provide vaccination services in Ireland. The papers cover the period 1804 to 1885

Dublin Biological Club Archive

Papers of the Dublin Biological Club founded in 1872. The collection includes minute books, attendance books, members roll and a collection of glass lantern slides of early club members.

Dublin Clinical Club Archive

Minute and attendance books of the Dublin Clinical Club from its foundation in 1894 to the 1970s. Also a small collection of papers relating to the membership of the club from the 1960s.

Dublin Clinical Hospitals Standing Committee Archive

Papers of the Dublin Clinical Hospitals Standing Committee collected by their long serving secretary Richard Atkinson Hayes. Papers cover the period 1877 to 1932 and focus on the training of medical students in Dublin hospitals.

Dublin Sanitary Association Archive

Small collection of papers created by the Dublin Sanitary Association, covering the period 1883-1912. The collection includes minute books, a letter book and newspaper cuttings.

Edmond Joseph Theophilus McWeeney Papers

Papers of Edmond Joseph Theophilus (Theo) McWeeney, relating to his medical education and career as a Tuberculosis specialist at the Irish Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. Papers also include autobiographical and other articles and lectures written by McWeeney.

Edward Hill Papers

Papers of Edward Hill (1741-1830) including letters, invitation cards, notebooks and documents relating to the School of Physic Act (1800), also three sketches of Hill.

Eoin O'Brien Research Papers

Papers and correspondence of Eoin O’Brien relating to his research and publications on Sir Dominic Corrigan.

Ephraim MacDowel Cosgrave

Collection of documents, slides and other items relating to Ephraim MacDowel Cosgrave (1853-1925), mainly relating to his medical education and time as Professor of Biology in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

John Fleetwood Papers

Papers of Dr John Fleetwood (1917-2007) covering his career as a GP, palliative care physician and gerontologist. Also his research and published papers on the history of medicine, as well as other papers relating to his literary and radio works.

Kathleen Lynn Diaries

The personal diaries of Kathleen Lynn, doctor and activist, 1916-1955

Living Medical History Project

A series of oral history interviews carried out from the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland’s Living Medical History Project. Full transcripts of the interviews can be viewed via our archive catalogue

Lourdes Slides

Series of slides created by Thomas Holmes Mason of Dame Street Dublin, relating to Sanctuary of Our Lady at Lourdes and its healing powers. The majority of the slides show individuals before and/or after their cure at Lourdes.

Macnamara Family Papers

Papers relating to the Macnamara family of Corofin, Country Clare, who provided four generations of dispensary doctors and general practitioners to their local community.

Major-General Francis Joseph O'Meara Papers

Papers of Francis Joseph O'Meara (1900-1967), mainly covering his time in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Second World War. There are also a small number of personal and family papers, and some family photographs.

Medical Illustrations

A collection of nineteenth century medical illustrations and photographs mainly showing cases of skin diseases, but also including some other conditions and surgical illustrations.

Medico-Philosophical Society Archive

Memoirs, or minutes, of the Medico-Philosophical Society from its foundation in 1754 to 1784. Also the minute book and members’ album dating from the re-formation of the Society in 1854.

National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, Dublin Branch Archive

Small collection of papers created by the Dublin Branch of the National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, 1899 -1909

Neil John Blayney Collection

Papers of Dr Neil John Blayney (1874-1919) mainly relating to his medical career as County Surgeon at the Queen’s County Infirmary, and as Medical Officer of Troops during the First World War.

Richard Butcher Correspondence

Collection of letters written to Richard Butcher over a twenty year period. The earlier letters (1837-1851) relate to the advancement of Butcher career and include letters testimonial and letters of congratulation on appointments. The majority of the letters (1854-1857) relate to Butcher's publication on various aspects of surgery, but mainly on excision of the knee joint.

Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Archive

Papers of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, mainly the minute books of the general council and the various academy sections. The collection also includes printed reports and papers, as well as papers relating to academy membership and some memorabilia.

Royal National Hospital for Consumption for Ireland Archive

Papers relating to the Royal National Hospital for Consumption for Ireland (1896-1963) at Newcastle, County Wicklow. Collection contains the administrative and financial papers of the hospital, a complete set of patient registers, newspaper cuttings relating to the history of the hospital and tuberculosis, and some architectural plans and papers.

Russell Public Health Ephemera

Ephemeral items, collected by Drs Matthew and Angela Russell, mainly relating to public health in Dublin from the 1890s to the 1950s.

S J Hudson, pharmacist

Prescription and cash books kept by Samuel John Hudson (1887-1943), pharmacist of Bloomfield, Belfast

Saint Ultan's Hospital Archive

The administrative papers of Saint Ultan’s Hospital, Dublin, 1919-1984. With a small collection of photographs, ephemera and objects.

Sir Andrew John Horne Papers

Papers of Sir Andrew John Horne (1856-1924) mainly relating to his time as President of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (1908-1910), his membership of The Phagocytes and his receipt of a knighthood in 1913.

Sir Dominic Corrigan Papers

The professional papers of Sir Dominic Corrigan, including case books, diaries and correspondence. With a small collection of personal papers and papers relating to the Corrigan family, 1795-[1940s].

Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital Archive

The administrative and financial papers, patient records, architectural plans and photographic collections of Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital, 1800-1986

Sir William John Thompson Slides

Collection of glass lantern slides belonging to Sir William John Thompson (1861-1929), relating to his interest in population statistics and disease mortality rates.

Surgeon-General Charles Sibthorpe Papers

Case books and other documents of Surgeon-General Charles Sibthorpe (1847-1906) from his time in the Indian Medical Service.

Thomas Fitzpatrick Public Health Cartoons

Cartoons, by Thomas Fitzpatrick, relating to public health concerns in Dublin and/or Sir Charles Cameron.

Thomas Percy Claude Kirkpatrick Archive

Papers of Dr Kirkpatrick (1869-1954) covering his medical career and research into the history of medicine. As well as personal papers, correspondence and a small collection of papers relating to his father Dr John Rutherford Kirkpatrick (c.1832-1889). With Dr Kirkpatirck’s personal collection of manuscripts relating to the history of medicine in Ireland.

Westmoreland Lock Hospital Archive

Papers of the Westmoreland Lock Hospital from its foundation in 1792 to the early twentieth century. Collection contains administrative, financial and patient records, as well as some records of the chaplaincy.

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