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We welcome opportunities to collaborate on research that supports effective training, healthy physicians or quality healthcare

Do you want to conduct research that will support:

  • effective training - improvements in medical education and training
  • healthy physicians - impact of the clinical environment on clinician wellbeing
  • quality healthcare - quality, efficiency, safety and effectiveness of healthcare?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

We welcome proposals for collaboration, for example research that requires access to our members or our data.

Submit a Proposal for Collaborative Research

For a more detailed explanation of what we’re looking for, please read our policy on collaborative research below.

Your proposal should then be emailed to our research department

We will review your proposal and respond within four weeks.

Read our Policy on Collaborative Research

This document outlines what you should include in a proposal for collaborative research.

Read our Policy on Good Research Practice

We welcome proposals for collaboration or for access to our members or data. We recommend that you read our policy on good research practice before applying.


Please read our policy on collaborative research before you apply

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Are You an RCPI Trainee?

We are delighted to support emerging clinician investigators. If you’re on an RCPI training programme and have an idea for research that will support effective training, healthy physicians or quality healthcare, we can help.

We can support you through the full research process, from putting together a strong proposal for funding, to getting your research published.

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If you want more information about any of our research projects or would like to get involved with research in the RCPI, contact us.